Our core philosophy is that:

A child should be regarded as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value and that education alone can, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable both the child and humanity as a whole to benefit therefrom.

The consequence of espousing such a viewpoint is that children are not considered empty vessels to be “filled with learning”, rather, we consider that each child is endowed with talents and abilities to be revealed or discovered, and developed through education. 

Children’s development begins with a sense of belonging, feeling safe and secure in an environment that fosters an attitude of love, mutual respect and inclusion, with an open and honest relationship between educators, children, families, management and the community.

We consider that it is important to provide a safe, nurturing and hygienic environment for everyone at the centre. We are unbiassed and professional, we support, respect and advocate for the families within our service and the wider community regardless of cultural background, socioeconomic status, abilities, race and religion.

We believe in a sustainable environment and will seek to awaken in each child an appreciation for the natural surroundings and its resources. Our environment is open-ended, stimulating, supportive and adaptable to the individual needs of each child. It fosters creativity and spontaneity and develops a sense of community within the learning environment.

We know that children learn best through play.   Our educators use a holistic approach with children to enhance their mind, body and soul. We aim to build children’s character by training all with the United Nations’ endorsed program “Embrace Virtues – Growing Kids with Character”.  Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, Being, Becoming and Belonging, which fosters individualised learning that is focused on a National Curriculum.  This is promoted by offering an environment that is supportive of each child’s individual needs, decision making, interests and abilities to develop, within the individual, a positive thirst for learning.  

Through responsive teaching, openness and adaptability, our educators can provide the highest quality care and education that is considerate and flexible meeting the needs of the children and families.

Smiling Children ELC recognises that passionate and resourceful educators are essential in providing learning environments that are inclusive and respectful to all. Our educators, as role models who support each child to engage in the best possible learning through nurturing and enhancing their sense of wellbeing and belonging.  

We espouse continuous professional development for all educators and that this is paramount for high-quality care and education.  Smiling Children ELC aims to be inventive, unique and to ensure that we, the Smiling Children family, are distinctive within the Early Education sector.