We provide a nutritionally balanced, seasonal menu which is assessed and accredited by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service and is prepared each day in-house.  The aromas coming from the kitchen are mouth-watering.

Allergies and Dietary Preferences

We are a nut-free Centre

It is recognised that there are many children with food intolerances and minor to severe food allergies.

To protect the children, only food sourced by us is given to them, especially those with allergies.  We require that no food is brought into our centre.  A range of alternative menus is available to accommodate those with allergies and special dietary requirements. some of the alternate options are dairy-free, gluten-free & vegetarian. 

Healthy & Fresh

All meals follow menus planned by Nutrition Australia and are prepared fresh on the premises by cooks and people experienced in food preparation.

Water is always available, and drinking water rather than juices are encouraged.

Cultural celebrations provide the perfect opportunity for children to experience special meals.

A Typical Day.

We have a twenty-day repeating menu.  This means that the children are provided with a different menu for twenty days which is then repeated.

Every day the children are provided with:

Breakfast            6:30 am – 8 am

Morning Tea      9 am

Lunch                 11 am – 12 pm

Afternoon tea    3:30 pm

A late snack       5:30 pm