Extra Circular Activities and Our Community Connections

Little Sports Heroes

Educators recognise the importance of physical activity and play in the learning and development of young children.  Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

This is why our service has intentionally established strong connections with LITTLE SPORT HEROES, a company within our local community which provides sports-based programs catering for young children.  Little Sports Heroes are a company who have a thorough understanding of the early years framework to further aid in our children’s developmental needs.

Their program began in 2017 and Little Sports Heroes, attend our service every 2nd Friday.

If your child loves to engage in physical activity and you would love for them to be able to participate in this complimentary program click here.

Children’s Occupational Therapists

We understand how busy life can be. Therefore we try to be as helpful as possible and try to aid in making your life easier when we can.  Thus, have an open-door policy for all our children who require occupational therapy.  All therapists can book in sessions with your child when they are attending our service.

Not to mention our…..In House Hairdresser

Meet Elyse, a qualified hairdresser and a parent to two beautiful girls. Elyse comes to our centre once a month to offer her amazing services to the children and their families

Elyse is incredibly caring, understanding and flexible with the children.  So far, she hasn’t come across a single child who won’t allow her to cut her or his hair.

Enrichment Program

We have an exciting “enrichment program” that is conducted at the centre and within our local community of Yarrambat.  The program enables our children to be exposed to many experiences which will not only benefit the children’s lives but will also enrich the community in which we live.  The high quality of our programs is determined by the outstanding teaching strategies adopted by our educators in conjunction with the experiences to which the children are exposed.

Our enrichment days consist of small incidental excursions, both internally and externally regularly with only a small number of children at any one time. These ‘excursions or enrichment days’ are informed by the children’s interests and drive the highest of quality programs within our service. For example, some of the regular local outings are to such places as the centre Vegetable garden in the courtyard, nature fossicking on the front block, visits to Yarrambat Post Office, Yarrambat Vet, Yarrambat CFA, Yarrambat P.S, recycling rubbish to the bin and putting the pet chicken away and this could occur every week, based on the children’s interests, needs and the program.

By allowing children to partake in our enrichment days, we are teaching our children valuable life skills and virtues that we believe are vital for every child, enabling them to develop holistically and to achieve greater outcomes.

Our strategic aim is that our children will not only learn and achieve the normal developmental milestones but learn, understand and be able to demonstrate important skills such as respect, responsibility, inclusion, tolerance, acceptance, diversity and cultural awareness and responsibility to name just a few.

The children at Smiling Children ELC Yarrambat will be exposed to experiences that are concrete, real and relevant to their lives and their interests and as a result will also aid in a feeling of community connectedness, high self-esteem and self-worth and a great sense of achievement. Children are natural sponges, and they learn through their environment, through the people they interact with, through observation and imitation and life experiences so the more exposure they get to all these things, the better the outcome.

If you believe your child could, would or will thrive in  a program like this click here to enrol now