We follow the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which we combine with our emergent curriculum. This style describes a curriculum that develops from exploring what is relevant, interesting and personally meaningful to the children. Our educators observe, engage, guide and implement activities/experiences that scaffold a child’s learning based on their interests. We also pride ourselves on our relationships with our parents and families, we work with each family, and through discussion and parent input, we develop achievable and meaningful goals for each child.

The EYLF is a national curriculum that helps guide our planning and documentation. Linking outcomes to the learning stories and observations help complete the planning cycle that is crucial to providing a meaningful and rewarding program that caters to each child’s talents and needs.

The Virtues Project

We employ a holistic approach to enhance the child’s mind, body and soul.  Embedded in our educators teaching approach are the virtues. The virtues are the positive, moral characteristics within a person and when nurtured these characterise flourish.

The aim is to nurture children’s innate sense of good, embedding these qualities within their development of self.

We nurture the virtues through education, recognition and celebration.  We begin by explicitly and intentionally teaching the children about a particular virtue, what it means, what it looks like when practiced, and the positive impact it has on us and the world around us.

Some character strengths that are embedded in our teaching and education are ‘truthfulness, respect, responsibility, friendliness, orderliness, gentleness, peacefulness, patience, safety, kindness, compassion, determination and helpfulness’ to name a few.